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  • 22 HERBS OIL

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    Our 22 herbs oil is the purest blend of various cold pressed and virgin oils like almond, olive, argan, jojoba, coconut, seasme, vitamin E, mustard, castor and many essential oils. Its also comprises of various types of herbs like aawla, reetha, shikakai, neem, haide, bhedha, hibiscus, kalonji, meethi, orange, chandan, bhingraj and so many more. This oil is a perfect way to reduce hairfall by strengthening the roots. Given its purity and enriching ingredients it has shown great results in stimulating baby hair growth, controlling dandruff and grey hair.


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    This light and cool face and hair gel contains organically grown pure Aloe Vera extracts which has strong soothing and healing properties. Nutrient rich extracts are infused with Aloe Vera juice while making the gel. The gel stimulates skin regeneration and prevents premature aging.


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    Anti dandruff shampoo that can be used to treat dandruff and scalp infections. It also reduces itching, flaking, irritation and redness of the scalp. Lemon Essential Oil make sure that oil & dandruff are at bay while Argan oil present in the shampoo moisturize & nourish your hair.Vitamin E present in the shampoo helps maintain hair growth while promoting blood circulation, preventing breakage, and deeply moisturizing hair.


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    Awla is loaded with antioxidants which can protect hair cells from any kind of damage and also repairs the damaged hair. Healthy hair cells contribute to better hair growth. Reetha is loaded with iron and anti- oxidants which works well for the hair. Iron plays an important role in maintaining hair health. Shikakai is the perfect element in the trio which helps your hair in absorbing the goodness of amla and reetha.


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    Our Hair Spa cream is specially formulated to treat frizzy and damaged hair while making them stronger. It contains natural ingredients such as Argan Oil that deeply conditions the hair and makes it frizz-free. Shea Butter restores the scalp’s moisture and promotes healthy growth. Almond Oil reduces hair fall by strengthening hair follicles and milk protein repairs hair tissues.


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    Protein Hair Serum works great for Dry and frizzy hair. It is a blend of essential oils like Lavender, Ecalyptus, Rosemary, Tea tree,Peppermint and many more. It strengthens scalp and initiates hair growth. As it has Anti fungal properties, it also clears out the Dandruff and itichnes. Inspired by traditional uses of potent oils for their therapeutic and revitalizing properties it also works for Headaches.We can apply it on our scalp, forehead and head temples to relive the pain and stress. This blend smoothes and conditions your hair for improved manageability.Take one drop of it everyday and apply on hair and scalp.

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