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    Anti- Hairfall and re-growth serum enhanced with active ingredient that helps prevent hair loss, stimulates hair follicles, promotes hair regrowth and maintains overall scalp health. Reduces hairfall from the application. Gets easily absorbed by the scalp and promotes hair growth. Fights the side effects of the other chemical products used for hair care. Suitable for all types of hair. To be applied at night and massaged with finger tip.


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    Protein Hair Serum works great for Dry and frizzy hair. It is a blend of essential oils like Lavender, Ecalyptus, Rosemary, Tea tree,Peppermint and many more. It strengthens scalp and initiates hair growth. As it has Anti fungal properties, it also clears out the Dandruff and itichnes. Inspired by traditional uses of potent oils for their therapeutic and revitalizing properties it also works for Headaches.We can apply it on our scalp, forehead and head temples to relive the pain and stress. This blend smoothes and conditions your hair for improved manageability.Take one drop of it everyday and apply on hair and scalp.

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