Coldpressed and Virgin Oils

  • 22 HERBS OIL

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    Our 22 herbs oil is the purest blend of various cold pressed and virgin oils like almond, olive, argan, jojoba, coconut, seasme, vitamin E, mustard, castor and many essential oils. Its also comprises of various types of herbs like aawla, reetha, shikakai, neem, haide, bhedha, hibiscus, kalonji, meethi, orange, chandan, bhingraj and so many more. This oil is a perfect way to reduce hairfall by strengthening the roots. Given its purity and enriching ingredients it has shown great results in stimulating baby hair growth, controlling dandruff and grey hair.

  • Coldpressed and Virgin Almond Oil

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    This cold pressed virgin almond oil is rich in Vitamin E that smoothens and cleanses the skin. Its regular use keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage and helps your skin look smooth, soft and free from fine lines. Almond oil is widely acknowledged for its great results in treating dark circles.

  • Coldpressed and Virgin Coconut Oil

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    This Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is 100% Organic, pure and cold pressed (processed without heat) to retain its unique balance of nutrients. Coconut oil is a highly versatile oil that is used to condition the skin and the hair. An ideal moisturiser for the body it makes the skin smooth and even textured. It play a great role in soothing dry sensitive skin or scalp and adding lustre to damaged hair. It is highly recommended for baby massages.

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